Brands to Shop With

Are you looking to shop with brands for or run by trans and non-binary people? We’ve selected a few of our favourite brands that put the trans and non-binary community into the heart of everything they do. 

Unofficial Rebrand

Image: Official Rebrand

OFFICAL REBRAND (or?!) is a sustainable non-binary brand founded by MI  Leggett, who is also non-binary themselves. They say that they wanted to redefine what it means to be sustainable in both the world of fashion and art. Official rebrand offers some amazing on trend and artistic pieces to really add wow factor to any outfit. They carry a wide range of pieces, from printed tank tops to elaborate coats. If you are edgy and out-going when it comes to your fashion choices, this is definitely the brand for you.

Radimo LA

Image: Radimo LA

Radimo LA is an online retailer. It started when founder Dan Owens got tired of seeing the misrepresentation of gender fluidity from brands such as H&. They ensure to show their products on at least 3 gender presentations, sized and skin colours, which is obviously amazing for the representation of gender, weight and ethnicity. Having a brand that does this is amazing as sometimes it can be hard if brand’s only use one model. For instance, if the model is white, size 6 and female, it can be hard for people outside of this bracket to see what the clothing would look like on them. With a brand like Radimo, they are pushing the boundaries of diversity and representation within brands. 

Origami Customs

Image: Origami Customs

Origami Customs is a brand which sells binders, compression underwear and more for transgender people. Before having surgery or even starting hormones, trans people struggle to feel confident with themselves due to their gender dysphoria. For a trans man who hasn’t yet had surgery, wearing a binder can conceal the breast’s in order to make for a more masculine look. Likewise with trans women. Thing’s like compression underwear can make for a flatter appearance to make it appear as though you have female anatomy. Having products like this can decrease stress and anxiety massively and this is a brand that we praise. Origami Customs pieces are something that trans people will highly benefit from and we’re glad to have came across this brand to help those of you that might need products like this. 


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