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Coming Out

Many people struggle with coming out. Due to the stigma surrounding the transgender community in society, often people wish to keep it private as long as they can. We have some tips on how to come out to your loved ones, and what to do if they don’t accept you.

  1. Plan: planning how you are going to explain this to your family and friends will be easier than springing it on them. Try writing down key points on your phone, or imagine you are sending a text but don’t actually send it. Plan everything you are going to say and exactly how you will explain that you are trans, and then ensure that they are actively listening when you tell them

2. Set the environment: It is very important that when you tell your loved ones information like this, that you are in a calm environment. You want it to come as naturally as possible. For parents, it can come as a shock, so ensure the environment is right and that they are listening. Make sure that they are sat down and not busy doing housework or anything else. Ask them to sit down and tell them that there is something you wish to tell them whilst in a calm environment.

3. Allow communication: When telling someone news like this, a lot of questions may be asked. Your parents will want to fully understand. Make sure you plan ahead and be prepared to answer questions so you can gain their full support and guidance. If you aren’t prepared for the questions they may ask, you may feel bombarded, so ensure you think of anything they might want to ask so that they understand the full story.

4. Do research: When first coming out, you may feel a little lost. Some people are aware they want to transition, but don’t have the information on who to speak to or what steps to take first in order to start your journey. Make sure you do your research. Start by speaking to your GP. They will give appropriate advice based on your case. We also have articles on Hormone Replacement Therapy, so have a look at articles like this to get more information on the journey you’re about to embark on.


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