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Mental Health Helplines

Mental health is something that is no surprise within the transgender community. Whether it’s the fear of telling your family, you’re being bullied, or you’ve faced harassment (physically or sexually), mental health issues are prevalent within the trans community.

It’s always good to have someone to talk to. This doesn’t have to be someone you know. There are trained professionals on helplines and online 24/7 to ensure that your mental health and well-being is paramount.

Here are our recommended mental health helplines:


0808 801 0400


or call 116 123


or call 0800 1111


or call: 01708765200


or call 0808 802 5544

Students against depression

The calm zone

It is okay to accept help and speak to someone about your feelings and struggles. Unfortunately, being transgender can be difficult. Speak to someone and make sure you get support if needed.

Feel free to message us via our social links on the ‘contact us’ page!

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