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Transpire is a one-stop website that offers support to transgender people and others that need it most. Whether you’re a trans youth, trans adult or the parent or teacher of a transgender person, we will provide you with all you need to know for the journey ahead.

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Dan’s* Story

* Disclaimer: the name of the story teller has been changed in order to maintain the individual’s confidentiallity We’re back with another story time. We love hearing your stories and we know it can be inspiring to those that are wishing to come out, or even those that aren’t trans and just need to hear […]

Taylor’s Story

To continue looking at real stories from members of the transgender community in order to support you and help with the struggles you might be going through, we spoke to Taylor, who is non-binary/trans-masculine! Here is Taylor’s story… My name is Taylor. I’m 25 years old and non-binary/trans-masculine. My pronouns are he/they. My story has […]

Stellan’s Story

We want to hear your stories. Transpire is not only an educational site, but a community in which trans people and allies and come together and support one another. This is Stellan’s story… Telling My Story: I wrote a poem a year or two ago, called Exo Adaptation. Here it is: “As the snail retreats […]

Brands to Shop With

Are you looking to shop with brands for or run by trans and non-binary people? We’ve selected a few of our favourite brands that put the trans and non-binary community into the heart of everything they do.  Unofficial Rebrand OFFICAL REBRAND (or?!) is a sustainable non-binary brand founded by MI  Leggett, who is also non-binary themselves. […]

Transparent Podcast: Jess King

In this episode we speak to Jess King. Jess is the long-time best friend to our founder, Jordan Burrows. This podcast explain’s the journey Jess went on after finding out her best friend was transgender. She also discusses how it actually brought the pair closer together, forming a friendship that has lasted close to a […]

Transparent Podcast: Sarah Noble

In this podcast, we speak to Sarah Noble. Sarah is the parent to her transgender son, and also works closely with LGBT students at RSA Academy Arrow Vale. She has been a huge help to students and has played a massive role in supporting people who wish to start their transition. This podcast shows her […]

Love Life 101

Dating can be hard at the best of times. It doesn’t matter who you are, some people are just unlucky with love. However, transgender people face so many problems when it comes to dating. Here’s a guide at how to ensure your relationship remains healthy and the dating experience can be as positive as possible. […]

Coming Out

Many people struggle with coming out. Due to the stigma surrounding the transgender community in society, often people wish to keep it private as long as they can. We have some tips on how to come out to your loved ones, and what to do if they don’t accept you. Plan: planning how you are […]

Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Basics

Disclaimer: The information found throughout this document has been provided by the NHS. If you wish to find more information on Hormone Replacement Therapy, please visit the NHS website. Hormone Replacement Therapy (or HRT) is the process of a transgender person starting to take the appropriate hormones to start the physical process of becoming their […]